Walk the Talk: Paul Huber

As part of LR Asia’s Executive Leadership Wellness series, Paul Huber shares his tips and tricks for leading a healthy lifestyle. “I have always taken care of myself by staying active, exercising and eating healthily. I have never missed a day of work through illness and love waking up ready for each new day’s challenges,” said Paul Huber, Group Regional Operations Director.

“With a fantastic family and home life and wonderful job at Lloyd’s Register, I have absolutely zero stress!”  Continue reading

John Han’s Bootcamp

JHTwice per week for the past seven months, John Han has offered up his passion for fitness and exercise to help others achieve their fitness-related goals. Office employees looking to improve their fitness level meet in the office gym after work under the guidance of John. Each day, John creates routines that incorporate weight-lifting and cardio exercises and then tailors the routine to the individual’s fitness level. Continue reading

Lessons from the Blue Zones

Does living to 100 sound appealing? How about increasing general longevity and decreasing the chance of chronic disease?

Researchers have studied “the world’s healthiest people” and discovered that longevity is more than the food we eat. They have identified the five zones in the world with the highest concentration of centenarians and nicknamed them the “Blue Zones”. Continue reading